Why do you train?
This is why the question we’re asking.

The 5k race to raise awareness for cancer.
The march for a cause.
The first-time triathlete who competes to keep a promise to a loved one.
A trip to the gym dedicated to the lives lost at Newtown.

These are all ActivPrayers.

These people are performing a physical action dedicated to a greater purpose, and the impact of their activity extends far beyond the activity itself.

Every workout can be intentional in a way that raises awareness of important people and things, lifts up and inspires others, and transforms ordinary action into an extraordinary message – an ActivPrayer.

Together, we’re going to commit, share, and track the impact of one million ActivPrayers worldwide by 2015.

Getting started is easy.

  1. Commit. Commit to offering just one physical activity – walk a mile, run a 5k, complete a challenging workout, or compete in your first half marathon – and select a special intention to dedicate your effort to.  Share it with others on the ActivPrayer site.
  2. Perform. Then, perform your action in the spirit of ActivPrayer: start and finish it with a reflection or prayer, and execute it with intensity, power, and purpose.
  3. Share. Finally, when you finish, share your results – both the seen and unseen…not just your time, weight, or distance, but also your spirit and your inspiration.

You will lift up, inspire, and encourage others to rise up and transform one of their own actions into an ActivPrayer – either for your intention, or for their own – and you’ll transform an ordinary workout into an extraordinary one.

It all starts with your next workout.

Why will you train?