The activMAP - Your Motivational Profile (20 pages)

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The activMAP (Motivated Abilities Pattern) reveals your core motivational drives and helps you choose actions and fitness programs that honor them.

The activMAP is based on an assessment called the MCORE which is based on 50 years of science and over 80,000 interviews with people about the most deeply satisfying experiences of their lives. The MCORE identifies an underlying structure or pattern in these experiences.

Each personalized report includes:

  • Your Core Motivations: In-Depth Analysis
  • Your 4-Step Development Plan
  • 3 Development Exercises
  • Your Achievement Stories
  • Motivational Profile (By Rank)
  • Motivational Profile (By Domain)
  • Motivation Domain and Theme Descriptions
  • The Power of Your Core Motivations (Personalized)
  • How You Responded 

Once you order the assessment, the process of discovering your motivational core unfolds in 3 steps:

Step 1: Tell Your Story

Since the assessment is built around your stories, it involves you sharing and reflecting on three specific achievement experiences in your life that bear the marks of your motivational core. You will receive an email immediately after ordering the assessment with guidance. 

Step 2: Reflect on Your Story

The activMAP begins with your personal story in order to help you identify your motivational core. You will receive an email with an Activation Code and link to the activMAP online assessment which you can start at your convenience. Please allow 30-45 minutes to complete the assessment. 

Step 3: Discover Your Motivational Core

After you complete the assessment, you will receive your 20 page profile immediately for review and download. Included in your profile will be a Development Plan for understanding and implementing what you discover about your core motivations into your active life. 

After you have reviewed your report, you have the option to get in touch with one of our Coaches via email, phone, or in-person (if available) to help you harness your core motivations and apply them in the context of sports and fitness.